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Company Vision

Using our nearly 30 years of technological experience we plan to work closely with our clients to provide a customized solution based on trust and knowledge based on the client's business need. Given today's growing economy, organizations of all kinds face intense finacial pressure from such factors as growing sales, squeezed profits and the ability to source from a global market. These factors alone give TCS the opportunity to be the "Technology Interpreter" to many clients lacking trusted resources to navigate today's rapidly evolving world of technology.

Terry R. Caldwell

West Virginia, the United States Air Force and our Nations Capital

Terry R. Caldwell was born in WV, grew up in Jackson Co. Graduated Ripley High School in 1984, Joined the USAF after graduation. pending 6 years in the USAF as an active duty/reserve member and going to school at Marshall University, George Washington University and Northern Virginia Community College. During which time, he relocated to the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area to pursue a career in computerscience with a focus on engineering.

Communications Design & Computer Engineering

Terry landed his first technology related job at Planning Research Corporation (PRC) inMcLean, VA as a field engineer in 1989. Learning from the ground up, working for one of Bell Labs, Inc. first employees! He started by beginning with cable plant design and implementation. As he progressed into UNIX systems, he had a talent for explaining complex technical solutions to customers was obvious. moving onto even more cutting-edge solutions, advanced communications design andimplementations. After spending more than 10 years on the engineering side, working for such companies as: Penril Datability Networks, Annaplix DigitalTechnology, DataShareCorporation, CornerStone Technology Groupand AT&T.

Solving Customer Problems & Technical Sales

Through his tenure as an engineer, he maintained a level of integrity and creativity, always striving for perfection! He found his true calling was in technical problem solving. After a few years in technical sales, he realized that to truly provide his clients with unmatched careand solutions... There was only one way! Start his own business. So, in 2004 he founded Total Communication Solutions, LLC(TCS). In the beginning, TCS was solely based on Tele/Data Communications. Since then, TCW has expanded its reach to providing refurbished core networking gear, technology consulting services and cost containment services. In 2018 TCS decided to enter the AT&T Alliance Program as a Solution Provider. He continues looking for new ways, to think, Outside the Box while helping his clients save money.



About Us

We are a West Virginia based company with 30 years of experience in the Telecom and Data Engineering industry. Founded and led by our CEO, Terry R. Caldwell.


Total Communication Solutions
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